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Representing Employers & Insurers throughout Maine

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TUCKER LAW GROUP is a Maine law firm providing vigorous and effective representation of employers and insurers throughout Maine.

TUCKER LAW GROUP'S experienced Maine attorneys specialize in workers' comp defense, insurance defense, employment law, civil and commercial litigation, administrative law and regulatory compliance.


Legal Updates

Case: Gregory Gallant v. Webber Oil Co. and MEMIC
Date: April 7, 2015
Topic: Appellate Division upholds decision to deny employee's petition for award and discard § 312 examiner's findings, because there was clear and convincing evidence contrary to those findings.


Case: Gregory Traussi v. B & G Foods, Inc./MEMIC
Date: March 26, 2015
Topic: The majority remanded, holding the hearing officer was bound by the res judicata effect of a prior decree which established causation between the work injuries and the employee’s incapacity. The dissent contended the prior decree did not bind the hearing officer with respect to ongoing causation, as it established causation only for a closed-ended period which ended before the date of the prior decree.


Case: Gabriel Oromo v. Aramark Facility Services, LLC/Sedgwick
Date: March 25, 2015
Topic: Appellate Division finds competent evidence to support the Hearing Officer’s finding of adequate translation services at all medical examinations and at hearing, and that the Hearing Officer was required to adopt the § 312 examiner’s findings.


Areas of Practice

The attorneys of Tucker Law Group bring their decades of experience to the service of their clients inthe following practice areas.

Workers Compensation Defense
Insurance Defense
Labor and Employment Law
General Practice
Commercial Litigation
Administrative Law
Regulatory Compliance